India on Canvas: A brush with our diversity

The solo exhibition by Anukta Mukherjee Ghosh will be held from September 6-8, at ITC Sonar

Anukta Mukherjee Ghosh's magical strokes breathe a symphony of the world around her, as she goes about celebrating life through her colours. Like a child looks at the wonders of the world, experiencing even the ordinary with an amazement, Anukta's canvas brings to life a fresh perspective – transforming the mundane to the extraordinary.

'India on Canvas: A brush with our diversity' is an exhibition of few such phenomenal works by Anukta. The solo art show will be held from September 6-8, at WelcomArt Gallery, ITC Sonar

The horizon of her works is beyond the boundaries of categorisation. Just as many India(s) breathe within one India, Anukta gives an ode to that versatility through her works. Ever inspired by the spaces she inhabits, the places she visits and the people she meets, her works are mostly personal insights and associations from the ordinary to the obvious. Colours, forms and lines play a special interest in her works done mostly in contemporary realistic style.

Rising above from her corporate avatar of over a decade, Anukta bid adieu to her successful career and embarked on a new adventure to complete a two year online Diploma course in drawing and painting with a certificate of distinction from the London School of Art, while also honing her skills through guidance from professional artists.

For Anukta, painting is not merely about the end result. Between the first brush stroke to the last, what brings her joy is the meditative and spiritual process of losing oneself to the subconscious.

In a world that is standing at the brink of chaos, Anukta believes in the redemptive power of art. Her strokes cast a magical spell of positivity and cheerfulness on the audience, reaching not only to the heart but the very soul of those who take respite in art.

Anukta's paintings have been exhibited across India and abroad. Her paintings and commissioned projects find home all across the globe for corporates and individuals alike.

For example, Image of her painting 'Magan' has been adapted by the Government of India in 2019, for a period of five years as a mascot for its recently launched Pan India project called Womaniya on GeM – supporting woman entrepreneurs and SHGs.The image is currently on the home page of the Govt. e–market website. She has been recently felicitated by the then Union Minister of Commerce and Industries, Mr Suresh Prabhu at a National Launch of the project.

One of her paintings from her series 'My Brush with Bollywood' found a feature and favourable mention by Amitabh Bachchan in his official blog in February 2018.

She has recently done an artwork titled 'Kolkata Kaleidoscope' for the public area of the newly launched, super luxury hotel ITC Royal Bengal, as part of an art camp hosted by ITC Ltd., comprising some of the leading artists of Bengal.

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