India 9th on happiness index among 28 nations

When it comes to happiness, Indians consider good financial conditions and physical well-being among the top-most reasons to remain joyous, a new survey said recently, adding that India ranked ninth on happiness index among 28 global markets.

Personal safety and security, friends and feeling in control of life were other top determinants for Indians to stay happy, said a survey.

"For Indians, it boils down to comfortable living conditions, robust health, good financial conditions, friends and social circle and to have purpose in life. Hobbies and interests are important too," said researchers.

Markets with the highest prevalence of happiness are largely the developed nations, known for their citizen centricity.

Australia and Canada tied at the top spot (at 86 per cent) and emerged as the happiest nations of the world, followed by China (83 per cent), Great Britain (82 per cent), France (80 per cent), the US (79 per cent), Saudi Arabia and Germany at (78 per cent), and India at ninth spot with 77 per cent.

Argentina (34 per cent), Spain (46 per cent) and Russia (47 per cent) emerged at the bottom of the heap, among the 28 markets.

Notably, happiness levels receded in 2019.

For India, there has been a six per cent drop (from 83 per cent in 2018 to 77 per cent in 2019).

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