In a first, Kolkata theater to remain open 24X7 during Durga Puja

Navina in south Kolkata wants pandal hoppers to enjoy a film anytime, day or night

In a first, Kolkata theater to remain open 24X7 during Durga Puja

After successfully exploring the puja pandals in Kolkata, are you now yearning to enjoy a movie night with friends with delicious popcorn? However, it’s already 1 am and all the regular theaters are closed. But worry not. This Durga Puja, a cinema theatre in Kolkata will keep its doors wide open 24x7 throughout the festivities. Yes, you read that right. Navina, one of the most popular single-screen theaters in south Kolkata, is set to provide round-the-clock entertainment and ensure you catch a film whenever you want during puja.

Given the release of four highly anticipated Bengali films during Durga Puja, including Srijit Mukherji’s ‘Dawshom Awbotaar’, Dev-starrer ‘Bagha Jatin’, Shiboprosad Mukhopadhyay and Nandita Roy’s ‘Raktabeej’ and Arindam Sil’s ‘Jongole Mitin Mashi’, Navin Choukhani, owner of Navina, plans to keep his theater open 24x7 starting from ‘Sashthi’, which falls on October 20 and also coincides with a Friday.

“From ‘Sashthi’, we are planning to keep our theatre open all day. Four high-octane Bengali films from established directors are releasing this puja. I have always supported Bengali films, so I thought, why not give the pandal hoppers an opportunity to watch a film any time of the day and night,” he said.

Choukhani also urges fellow single-screen owners in Bengal to support regional content. Durga Puja is one of the best times to promote tourism in Bengal and the decision to keep theaters operational around the clock will offer visitors from beyond the state a chance to experience regional content at their convenience.

He also believes all four Bengali films have the potential to weave magic at the box office. When asked about the duration of Navina’s 24x7 schedule, he said, “That depends on how the crowd responds to the Bengali releases. But I always have high hopes for Bengali films. I will not be screening any Hindi films during puja. Therefore, with four Bengali films releasing, I need to increase the number of showings, hence the option for round-the-clock operations.”

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