IAF: Fusion of modern, contemporary art

The 4-day festival brought artists, galleries, private foundations, artists’ collectives, cultural events, national institution and festivals under one roof

Bringing modern and contemporary art together, India Art Fair (IAF) hosted its 12th edition in the heart of National capital from January 31 to February 3, at NSIC Exhibition Grounds, Okhla, New Delhi. The South-Asian artwork at IAF reflected developing art space of our country while offering insights into the cultural landscapes of neighbouring states.

The 4-day festival brought together various artists, galleries, private foundations, artists' collectives, cultural events, national institution and festivals at one platform.

The festival aimed to engage art lovers with the rich cultural history of our country and the development of the South Asian region through various innovative ways, such as, exhibition, talks and performances.

This year, IAF has dedicated its 70 per cent floor space to the Indian and South Asian artists, galleries, art charities, while also exhibiting work of some of the top international artists and galleries.

Here are some of the eye-catching art works from IAF 2020

Be Reborn

Presented by the Korean Cultural Centre India in collaboration with Simyo Gallery from Seoul, South Korea, the exhibition 'Be Reborn' presented the artworks by artist Lee Leenam and Kim Kisoo.

In a series of classical paintings peppered with various elements of digital animation, the artists explored the significance of our civilisation built on centuries of human experiences through the lens of Eastern philosophy. The artwork aims to serve as a breather to those who find themselves caught in the giant cogwheel of modern society.

Institutions Section

Kolkata Centre for Creativity (KCC) hosted a series of immersive and interactive exhibitions and performance art pieces at the fair.

The 'Institutional Section' showcased the robust programme that were designed to highlight the Centre's progressive approach towards myriad disciplines of art including a photography exhibition titled 'My Kolkata in Kolkata'– a melange of images evoking the spirit of Kolkata by photography enthusiasts.

Look Outside This House

Curated by Sudarshan Shetty, a contemporary Indian artist, 'Look Outside This House' displayed visuals on screen to highlight the need to support and nurture various indigenous approaches for the production of knowledge that sits outside the framework of mainstream institutions. The visual exhibition featured videos by different artists across the country, such as Bombay Lokal, Megha Sriram, Ashok Kamble, Miyah Poets and others.

From Varanasi to Jerusalem

The New York-based artist Ghiora Aharoni created the installation, called 'From Varanasi to Jerusalem' which depicts a mythical pilgrim travelling between two of the world's oldest and most holy cities.

Printed on a handmade Japanese paper, the historical images of Varanasi and Jerusalem reflected the fluid notion of time.

The art installation was collaged with the phrase 'Make Me a Temple' in Hindru (a melding of Hindi and Urdu) and Hebrabic (Hebrew and Arabic).

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