I No Angreji: Not just another Punjabi sitcom

Produced by Slay Records, 'I No Angreji' is a comic web series, which revolves around a group of misfits – who wish to go abroad but don't have a good command over English. The story takes a hilarious turn when one of the main characters – the teacher – throws situations at every student in each episode and that is when audience witnesses the comical reactions by students. Eigth out of 10 episodes of first season have already been released.

Writer and director of the series Gurlove Singh Ratol, who is also a partner at Slay Records talks to Millennium Post about the series, characters, sequel and much more:

What is the web series 'I No Angreji' about?

It's a fun and over the top take on the life inside an IELTS (an English exam) learning centre. Though it is a comedy, it subtly gives the message of mass immigration around the globe from Punjab.

On which platform is it available currently? How many episodes are there in total?

It's available on the Youtube channel of Slay Records. In season one, we have a total of 10 episodes and 8 of them are out already.

Who all actors are there in the show?

We have Aarzoo Nagpal as Sonia Thakur, Amit Singh Andotra as Rajesh Bansal (Chui), Ashmaya Yadav as Miss Monica, Aviral Gupta as Ronny Sangha, Avisaar Rivini Kepila as Goldy Grewal, Charanpreet Maan as Harjeet Kaur along with Harshveer Kaur as Mini Kapoor, Kulwant Singh Dhillon as Randhawa Saab, Manpreet Singh as Diamond Singh, Mintu Kapa as Dig Vijay Dhiman (DVD), Ravi Badshami as Bharat Phogat, and Sukhbir Gill as Sukhi Gill as part of this crazy comedy.

From where did you get the idea of making this series?

IELTS exam is a trending topic amongst the youth and we wanted to make a comical web series around it. Thus, we thought to combine these two and ended up making this show.

From all the comedy films being made in the Punjab industry, how do you think this web show stands out?

Content consumption pattern is changin, and so we need to change accordingly. In comparison to other languages, the hrowth of punjabi industry is less. Moreover, it caters to family audiences primarily.

Whereas the younger audience which is consuming content primarily on OTT platforms expect something totally different. So, punjabi web series are filling that gap and also increasing the amount of punjabi language content available to audience.

What kind of content will you focus on, if you plan to make any other series in future?

We are thinking of making a romantic comedy webseries based on students life, but it will have music as an integral element. We will share more details in coming days.

Does 'I No Angrezi' has a sequel?

Surely, we will release season 2 next year.

Which Punjabi actor/ actress would you want to cast in your next project and why?

I think for the next project, Sukhbir Gill would perfectly fit the role and do justice to the characater. The reason I am so sure is because of the perfect portrayal of his verstality in the start of this year. He has managed to built a sizeable audience for himself.

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