Home decor trends for 2020

No matter if you are a maximalist or a simplistic minimalist or even if the combination of the two, experts have great ideas for you to curate a magnificent yet clutter-free space for yourself

The less is more and more is more concepts are both gaining prominence across fashion hubs and homes across the world.

While minimalism values clean lines, neutral tones and clutter-free homes, a concoction of bright colours and bold patterns is a classic representation of a maximalist home. However, both kinds, if curated well, are the epitome of eclectic design and panache.

Are you a maximalist at heart? Maybe you're a simplistic minimalist? Or are you a combination of the two? Fret not, experts will help you in curating a magnificent yet clutter-free den, no matter your type!

Commit to one wall

When painting the living room ditch the white and neutral tones and instead pick a statement wall where you can incorporate off-beat textures, designs and set that off with a whitewashed set up across the room. Opt for radiant hues or jewel tones or entrancing tile design or eccentric wallpaper or add some verdant finesse to the wall with a vertical garden. You can also curate a walk down the memory lane' set up in your living room by adorning the accent wall with Polaroid photos of your favourite memories.

Unveil the coveted decor

It is time to celebrate and draw some inspiration from both ends of the spectrum by displaying your antique decor, whether it is a trove of old books or a collection of Italian dishes and grungy brass vases. Use these to ornate your console tables and display units. You can also create a Pinterest-ic set up by adding an old ladder to space.

Till tile do us part

Introduce the bursting-at-the-seams maximalism style with unique floor designs to your home. Opt for the art deco flooring option or tiles with intricate patterns evoking the Santorini feel to your living room. You can also spread geometrically shaped rugs with bright colours and fringes on your floor rendering it a bold look. Balance this maximal style by opting for furniture like ottomans, lounge chairs and sofa beds in all-white upholstery.

Bodacious boudoir

Begin by curating an elegant bedroom with minimal display of sleek and well-defined furniture in pastel hues. Add to this, a boho-chic reading corner with floral printed arm chair, sea green pouffe and a wicker table lamp. This contrasting amalgamation will give you clearly demarcated sections without borders, appealing to your different moods.

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