Have a safe stay at home

The panic surrounding COVID 19 has led the government to close all major markets, mall, cinema halls and tourist spots till further notice. People are advised to avoid going to public places, social gathering and stay at home as much as possible. But is your home really a safe place to stay?

It is to note that you are the one bringing germs to your home through clothes, dirty hands and shoes. Therefore, it is essential to disinfect the place you live in. Here are some basic tips to sanitise your home.

Washing your hands is not enough; you also have to clean the countertops, doorknobs, light switches, and common surfaces with a microfiber cloth dampened in a soap water or hot water. As the electronic items do not go well with soap water, you can opt for an alcohol wipe to clean all electronic items including remotes, cell phones, and keyboards.

Cleaning will not help if you do not kill the germs because you might clean the surfaces effectively but may leave the germs and bacteria to grow. So killing the germs is important to avoid the longer cause harm. The best way to disinfect is to identify the key areas, which are shared by all family members.

As the disinfecting wipes are running out of the market, one can go with soap water, warm water and detergent to clean the surface. Make sure you leave it to dry on its own after the cleaning process.

The next and very important place is your kitchen, which should be properly sanitised. At first, remove the loose dirt and food particles from the surface and rinse all utensils with warm water. All the places which are in use most of times should be cleaned properly - like the kitchen slab after food preparation.

The ideal way to keep you safe in the pandemic is stay away from rumours and do not panic. Follow these ways to sanitise your home and have a safe stay.

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