Gouri Shankar Mukherjee presents 'Sensations: 52 Fridays in Love'

Gouri Shankar Mukherjee presents Sensations: 52 Fridays in Love

Gouri Shankar Mukherjee, a visionary artist who loves to practice portrait sketches, is all set to present ‘Sensations: 52 Fridays in Love’, an exhibition of drawings and paintings that are to be in view from today onwards at the AIFACS, 1, Rafi Marg, New Delhi 110001, until November 9 from 11 am to 7 pm.

The artist has acknowledged the expressions of his insight through his work of art and wishes to arrest the attention of the viewers before transmitting the meaning of his emotions cultivating pleasing forms.

Mukherjee’s subjects are from daily life, rendered here realistically and abstractly, resonating with love for life, humanity and the earth. Those subjects reflect his personality and sharpening perceptions around peace, repose and equanimity that translate balance, rhythm and unity. The texture, sensitivity and boldness of charcoal and pencil are very expressive.

The artist endeavours to capture the spirit and the essence of his subjects. Through the reconciliations of rhetoric, pen ‘n’ ink lines with watercolour are instinctively intuitive, where multi-layers are built and various shades are evolved. This ‘wholeness of conception’ is a direct measure of the artist’s spiritual vision while appreciating the ‘unity and harmony’ of formal relations among his ‘sense perceptions’.

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