Got to learn a lot from Shweta: Akshay Oberoi

Actor Akshay Oberoi is seen romancing television actress Shweta Tiwari in ALT Balaji’s new web series ‘Hum Tum and Them’

Known for playing versatile characters in web shows and films, Akshay Oberoi was recently seen in ALT Balaji's web series 'Hum Tum and Them' alongside Shweta Tiwari. In an exclusive interview with Millennium Post, the actor reveals some details about his character in the show, shooting intimate scenes, evolution of romantic stories and much more.

In the time, when makers are coming up with extraordinary mystery thriller or bone chilling stories, what drove you towards 'soft genre'?

I have done a lot of work this year including mystery, law-based, political, action and even sports oriented stories. So, for me it is just about experimenting with new things which helps me grow as an actor. As far as my character in 'Hum, Tum and Them' is concerned, it is something which I haven't done since my first film 'Isi Life Mein'. The character of quintessential lover boy was something that attracted me towards this show. I believe, the only way I can improve myself as an actor is by playing tougher roles.

Did you have any inhibitions about the series?

If you trace back to my work, I never entered into a story thinking how successful it will be. For me, it has always been the story and an attempt to do something different. Though I have received a lot of praises by the critics for my work, I have never been able to find successful "box office thing".

Initially, I had a feeling that this show would be a bit messier than the other projects I have done so far, but I am really glad it has been well-received by people.

Since family dramas have already been made for different platforms, what nuances did you add in this series to make it look fresh?

To be honest, this character is not something you have seen on the screens before this. Despite being in his 40s, Yudi has the heart of an 18-year-old. I think this kind of character would keep it fresh. And most importantly; it is a story about this generation. This kind of story could have been told a decade ago but with the evolution of time and thought process, it best suits the scenarios of today's time.

To what extent romantic stories have evolved over the years?

I think one of the most important evolutions is that now the stories are being said more truthfully. For instance, kissing scenes were not shown earlier in TV shows and sexual aspect was missing.

However, adding these sequences make a show look more real and forms a connect easily.

How your individual experiences as actors on different platforms helped you and Shweta in this series? Please share any shooting experiences?

We indeed had a different style of working, Shweta being from Television and I being entirely from films and web space. Both of our individual learning helped us create a good balance on this show. For example, Shweta would memorise her dialogues and come to the set next day and if I would forget any dialogues in between, she would be like 'what is going on'.

The only difficulty we ever had was in shooting intimate scenes with Shweta. I think she got very awkward with it as she was doing something beyond what

she has done in the past. She used to close her eyes and run away before any intimate scene, but I tried my best to make her feel comfortable throughout the journey.

Since you are essaying the role of an older person, how different was it for you to play it and build a chemistry with Shweta on screen?

No, I didn't have any difficulty in that. I was in fact thrilled to portray an older person. I love when people can't recognise me because of my look. As far as Shweta is concerned, she is the queen of TV.

I think the Yudi's character came out because Shweta essayed the character of Shiva very well and if it was some other actress, my performance would have been different.

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