Giorgia Andriani to make web debut

In the upcoming action-comedy Tamil web series 'Karoline Kamakshi', the 30-year-old Italian model will be seen playing the role of a French undercover, who is forced to take up an assignment during her vacation in Puducherry

While people were still struggling to accept Arbaz Khan and Malaika Arora's decision to separate, another news of Arbaz Khan dating an Italian model Georgia Anderlia stormed the internet. The duo were spotted attending parties together and were the focus of paprazzis.

The much-talked about model, Anderlia has done various modelling projects in the past, and even appeared in the 2017 movie 'Guest in London'. Taking a step further in career and creating an identity as an actor, Anderlia has signed a Tamil web series 'Karoline Kamakshi'. Though it was speculated that the actor will be next seen in Dabangg 3, Anderlia says, as much as she loves the Dabangg franchise, she wants to establish herself as a versatile actor.

In the upcoming action comedy series, Giorgia is all set to play the role of a French undercover who is forced to take up an assignment during her vacation in Puducherry. There is going to be a lot of action in the show, the actor reveals.

Read an exclusive interview of Giorgia with Millennium Post, to know how she got the role, what she thinks about digital space, her future plans, and much more:

How did you come across the show 'Karoline Kamakshi'? Tell us something about your role in the show?

I had sent my profile to a casting agent a while ago. Then, it was in July when he called me and narrated the script roughly and asked if I was interested in the role.

To be very honest, at first, I wasn't even sure about the role, but after a few days, Karoline was a concrete character in my mind – I had established the way she talks, walks, looks, thinks. I would say that my imagination gave me a "go for it", and that's how I took the role.

How similar or different are Karoline and Giorgia?

Me and Karoline both love dogs, we both are sarcastic, whereas, speaking of the difference, I think she is brutal and is least inclined towards her social life.

Digital space is way more free in terms of content. What do you think about it?

I think it is a great time to explore and work on different stories. With the advent of various new platforms, people have got a taste of what's cinematically happening all around the globe.

Like many female actors, do you also have a list of things you would say 'no' to?

I would say no to what belittles the significance of women.

What are your future plans?

I haven't planned that ahead. All I know is that I'll be entertaining.

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