Get rid of body odour

Each human has a natural, distinct smell, but it can turn into bad body odour due to certain factors.

"Body odour is an unpleasant smell caused by the breakdown of bacteria on the body into protein and certain acids that causes the smell. Often, body odour is prevalent in obese individuals, people who eat spicy food on a regular basis, or people with medical conditions such as diabetes or hyperhidrosis. Everyone's odour is influenced by the person's diet, gender, health and medication," say leading experts from the industry.

They suggest their top tips to get rid of body odour:

Maintain hygiene and keeping yourself clean is the primary way to reduce body odor.

Keep your armpits clean by using anti-bacterial soaps and shaving or waxing them on a regular basis to help reduce the body perspiration and smell.

Deodorants or antiperspirants help make the skin more acidic, making it more difficult for bacteria to thrive resulting in less sweat.

Foot odour can be prevented by washing your feet at least once a day, preferably with warm water. Try and walk barefoot around whenever you can to help aerate your feet.

Try and avoid spicy foods that can only make your sweat more pungent. Too much intake of red meat can develop more rapid body odor.

Detoxing your body cells as you cleanse your body by cutting on toxic substances can help you get the best results.

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