Foundation hacks for perfect face canvas

An essential for any makeup application, foundation can be a tool for creating a perfect canvas, if applied well

Well-applied, even-toned foundation can be a game changer for your overall, finished look. With some easy hacks, you, too, can rock foundation application.

Makeup experts suggest these tips.

Moisturizer before foundation

Women who use foundation before applying moisturizer, we suggest that moisturizer should always be used before foundation especially when your skin is very oily. It has several benefits, for instance your makeup stays put for longer, your skin won't itch and makeup will look flawless. Hydrate the canvas beneath.

Use primer after moisturizer and before foundation

To make your makeup look perfect you must use primer after moisturizer. Primer not only provides glow but also protects your skin from being damaged.

Right Shades

Choosing the correct shade of the foundation for your skin tone should be your prior and most important lookout.

We would suggest you select a handful of shades that looks closest to your skin color and the one that goes most is your coordination.

Blend your foundation

When you perfectly blend the foundation it will help you get a great base providing you great coverage too. Make sure you tap the foundation onto your skin, not rub it.

Change your foundation with the season

Your skin tone gets lighter to darker with a change in seasons. We would recommend you to upgrade your foundation according to your skin tone when you see a noticeable change in weather.

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