FolkUs: Carnival to explore Indian cultural heritage

Kolkata Society for Cultural Heritage (KSCH), a social organisation for sustainable development is organising photographic carnival, FolkUs to explore colorful cultural heritage of rural, urban and tribal areas of India. FolkUs will see two-day workshop, followed by three-day exhibition form January 15-17, 2020 at Indian Museum, Kolkata.

During this workshop and exhibition later, photographers clicked colorful pictures of the village that portray true tradition will be showcased to the mass. People will find some more travel destinations in the coming days, whose main base will be the traditional folk art of Bengal.

KSCH is working at the grassroots level for permanent sustainable development change of rural, urban and tribal areas of India. It believes that working for livelihood is the most important component of any sustainable development model and the main focus is on the marginalised and vulnerable women of the society. The organisation aims to empower women who are the victims of systematic problems at social, cultural and economic level through sustainable livelihood. The organisation, founded by Sourav Mukherhjee is also working towards preserving various traditional dying art forms and playing a role as catalyst for development.

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