Fever of youth festival soars high with kala mela

The fourth day of  Sahitya Kala Parishad’s festival started with painting competition, where all the budding artists painted their thoughts on the canvas

The ongoing Youth Festival organised by Sahitya Kala Parishad and the Department of Art, Culture, and Languages, Delhi Government was a grand affair on the fourth day as Kala Mela held on-the-spot painting for the upcoming artists. The 6-day long art and cultural festival will continue until December 6 at Central Park.

The fourth day of the festival started with painting competition during the day where all the upcoming artists painted their thoughts on the canvas. This year theme of the painting was 'Delhi- Through the eyes of young artists'. This competition will continue on December 5 as well and the winner will be honoured with a cash prize. Not only this the selected art piece will be exhibited during Kala Mela (Art Exhibition).

In the evening, disciples of Pandit Prateek Choudhuri with the stage name 'Sitars Of India' gave an inaugural performance. 'Sitars Of India' came together to form this special and rare group under the guidance of the renowned Sitar Maestro Pandit Prateek Chaudhuri. Thy showcased various forms of music found in India like Vedic India – depicting elements of Vedic Music, Classical India (showcasing elements of our rich Indian Classical Music), Folk India (with the ever-popular Bhatiyali of Bengal), Spiritual India (showcasing elements of popular flavours of Sufi Music and Kirtan of Bengal).

The entire performance was a beautiful amalgamation of melody and rhythm in its various forms which is hard to find.

This was followed by cultural performance by the artists from Jan Akanksha Pratishthan. They presented a dance sequence on Mahatma Gandhi's life.

Later, the disciples of Padmashri and SNA Awardee- Ranjana Gauhar presented their Odissi dance.

A world-renowned dancer, choreographer and guru, stand tall in the world of Odissi, started a hallmark training in Utsav – an Odissi Dance Academy.

The artistes started their performance with Devi Stuti which is performed in the praise of goddess Durga.It's set in Raag – Bhairavi and Taal – EkTaali.

This was followed by Moksha that depicts the ultimate aim of life is Moksha or salvation. In this composition, crisp and light passages of dance and music blend freely to form a crescendo of aesthetic release and delight. It's set in Raag - Bhairav and Taal- EkTaali.

They ended their performance with "Pallavi", the most lyrical presentation in Odissi. This is a pure dance item where there is no particular theme.

The evening continued with a street play by Lakshay and group. This was followed by a contemporary dance by the disciples of Ajay Kumar.

The dancers performed a contemporary sequence depicting a few moments from Gandhi Ji's life. Later, the artists from Sukhvinder Singh and group presented various folk dance from Punjab like Bhangra, Giddha, Sammi, Jhummar among others.

The evening came to an end with a band performance by Swarism which is a fusion rock band from New Delhi. The band played fusion of some beautiful Bollywood covers along with some aggressive genres that are liked by today's youth.

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