Fashion illustrators key players for industry

Our Chinese neighbours seem to be ahead in the game when it comes to fashion. While they can successfully make everything (well almost everything) cheaper, the quality doesnt take a beating either. The fashion industry there is booming; they also focus on the various people who are connected to it. Fashion illustrators happen to have an important role to play in putting Chinese fashion on the world map.

Chinese artist and fashion illustrator, Yven Deng, is one of those key personalities. His unconditional love for fashion and his passion for his art and painting have resulted in him becoming the only live artist at Shanghai Fashion Week.

Deng's talent has been recognised by various fashion publications among many international glossies. His work has integrated expressionism into the contemporary high fashion scene. Largely influenced by Oriental women and high fashion photography, Yvan's paintings are easily recognisable by his depiction of faces with slanted eyes, big accessories and finely arched eye brows.

He describes his process of creation as, "free, self-centered, and emotional. I use mixed media and get inspiration from traditional Chinese ink painting." Skillful with his weapon of choice – oriental ink, Deng is a permanent face on the front row of every high fashion show in the region. He has also won the 'Lane Crawford Creative Call-out 2018' and collaborated with international designers and fashion houses like Jean Paul Gaultier, Lane Crawford, SWAROVSKI, Virgin Atlantic Airways and ANNA SACHS NY to name a few out of a long list.

Yven has been a live artist at Paris Haute Couture Show for Guo Pei and at Shanghai Fashion Week.

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