Facebook detox leads to happier life

Want to live healthier and happier life? Reducing the amount of time spent on social media platforms, such as Facebook, every day could be enough to prevent addictive behaviour, increase well-being and support a healthier lifestyle, say


For the findings in a recent research paper, the research team recruited 286 people for the study who were on Facebook for an average of at least 25 minutes a day. The average usage time per day was a good hour.

All participants were tested prior to the study, one week into it, at the end of the two-week experiment, and finally one month and three months later.

Using online questionnaires, the research team surveyed the way they used Facebook, their well-being and their lifestyle.

The results showed that participants in the group that had reduced their Facebook usage time used the platform less, both actively and passively.

"This is significant, because passive use in particular leads to people comparing

themselves with others and thus experiencing envy and a reduction in psychological well-being," said study lead researcher from


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