Experience a slice of Japan and China's healthy delicacies

Experience a slice of Japan and Chinas healthy delicacies

To let foodies experience a slice of Japan and South China to enjoy innovative and healthy sushi and dumplings, Princeton Club has hosted its 'Sushi and Dumpling Festival' from October 27 to November 6 to give a different taste to the palate of the guests after a spell of the spicy feast during the festive season.

By curating special gluten-free dumplings made of potato starch and wheat starch, an array of innovative gastronomic journeys with a variety of sushi and dumplings has been presented by the club. The culinary experience with 'Prawn Tempura Sushi', a popular and tasty prawn tempura recipe with a portion of healthy sushi or 'Avocado Sun-Dried Tomato Sushi', a food item with the goodness of avocado and crystal corn asparagus dumplings with crystal chicken dumplings, will surely satiate people's quest for healthy food. 'Pickled Vegetarian Asparagus Roll' will also be on the platter.

"We, at the Princeton Club, offer a variety of culinary experiences for our valued members and guests from time to time. Guests have gorged on the traditional festive fare for some time during Durga Puja and Diwali. Now is the time to treat your palate with a healthy quotient. Hence, we have come up with Japan's traditional sushi for sushi lovers and dumplings straight from China for foodies," said Sanjay Karmakar, Manager, Operations, Princeton Club.

He added, "Our chef Abhijit Chakraborty will rustle up various healthy dishes like sushi and gluten-free dumplings while experimenting with prawn tempura and avocado to tingle the taste buds of gourmands. We hope the fare will be a welcome relief for our patrons."

Food lovers can call 9830229313 to savour their favourite food at home along with takeaway.

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