Eros Hotel New Delhi introduces its opulent ‘Persian Buffet’

Eros Hotel New Delhi introduces its opulent ‘Persian Buffet’

Embark on a journey of unique flavours and culinary excellence at Blooms, Eros Hotel New Delhi Nehru Place. Their exclusive ‘Persian Buffet’, a celebration of Persia’s rich culinary heritage, is set in the opulent surroundings of this five-star hotel. This extraordinary event promises to immerse people in the essence of Iran, with a rich tapestry of traditional dishes crafted from the finest ingredients and a touch of modern elegance.

The buffet is not just a culinary event - it’s an immersive journey that pays homage to the region’s rich culinary legacy. As food lovers step into the elegantly adorned Blooms, they will be greeted by the alluring scents of exotic spices and a tranquil atmosphere, promising an unforgettable dining experience.

People can begin their culinary journey with the selection of vibrant Persian salads, such as ‘Shirazi’ salad, a refreshing mix of cucumber onion, and tomatoes with salt and black pepper; ‘Salad-e-Fassi’, a seasonal green salad with beetroot and Dolme - grape leaves stuffed with rice and steamed. These salads are starters for a fantastic gastronomic journey.

The hotel’s soup offerings provide the perfect warmth and comfort. Savour the traditional ‘Ash Reshtesh’, a hearty and wholesome noodle soup with chickpeas and kidney beans. Their ‘Lentil Soup’, simmered to perfection with aromatic spices, offers a soothing and nourishing experience for those seeking a lighter option.

The main course is the pinnacle of Eros Hotel’s authentic ‘Persian Buffet’, showcasing the diverse and rich flavours of Persian cuisine. Non-vegetarians can relish the ‘Ghormeh sabzi’, a fragrant lamb stew with red kidney beans and the ‘Gheimeh’, a Persian lamb stew with split chickpeas and tomatoes flavoured with cinnamon. Vegetarians can savor the ‘Kuku sabzi’, a mixed vegetable dish with five different fresh herbs, and the ‘Korshet-e-Bademjan’, a Persian eggplant and tomato stew. Each dish is a testament to the culinary artistry and cultural richness of the West Asia region.

No Persian meal is complete without indulging in a selection of delightful sweets. Food lovers can satisfy their sweet tooth with ‘Rhubarb’, the rose and pistachio trifle pots; Orange and dark chocolate rubble cake; Cardamom and mocha rice pudding; Tahini cinnamon swirls; Tahini and chocolate ‘marmar’ cake and ‘Soleh-card’, the saffron rice pudding.

The combination of textures and flavours will provide a perfect end to people’s culinary journey.

Venue: Blooms, Eros Hotel New Delhi Nehru Place

Date: July 5 to July 13, 2024

Time: Dinner 7 pm onwards

Price: Rs 2250 + taxes

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