E-MARKETPLACE: An idea to change the lives of tribals

The TRIFED is aiming to ensure tribals get their share in India’s e-commerce market business that is expected to grow at a compounded annual growth rate of 27% to reach 7.5 lakhs crores by 2024. The E Marketplace will also facilitate B2B trade connecting tribals dependent on Minor Forest Produces (MFP) and Medicinal plants to large buyers/manufacturers.

If you are looking for authentic, organic and trendy apparels, home linen, wooden & metal artefacts, paintings, decorative, essential items, etc, then you don't have visit different places/shops to find the best tribal products as TRIFED India, an organisation committed for the transformation of tribal artisans, has come out with one of biggest e-commerce market of the products manufactured by tribal artisans.

Around 5 lakh tribal items across 20,000 categories, including textiles, paintings, home decor items, jewellery and wooden and metal craft items are available on the website.

The state-of-the-art e-commerce portal MARKETPLACE TRIBAL INDIA ( is on the lines of the vision of Prime Minister Narendra Modi's Atmanirbhar Bharat.

The purpose of the e-commerce portal is to transform the lives and livelihood of 5 lakh tribal artisans by providing domestic and global marketplace of their organic products.

EASY TO ACCESS: The state-of-the-art e-commerce portal MARKETPLACE TRIBAL INDIA ( is very easy to access as it's very user-friendly and can be accessed by anyone. Buyers can order any product of their choice at a single click. The TRIFED has also roped in different logistics partners for seamless delivery of all products.

APPARELS FROM THE HOUSE OF DESIGNERS: The TRIFED has roped in noted designers such as Ritu Beri, Ruma Devi, Neera Nath, Rosey Ahluwalia, Rina Dhaka, Winky Singh and Tara Bhuyan to design the apparels manufactured by Tribals and it will be exclusively available on TRIBES INDIA E-MARKETPLACE.


Any individual Tribal or SHG/agency/organization working with the tribal for their upliftment and financial security utilize the Tribes India E Marketplace.

The Tribal supplier has to be an Artisan or MFP-based entrepreneur/primary manufacturer of the product/primary, secondary or tertiary value adder and not a Trader.

All Tribal Registrants in E Marketplace shall upload their Scheduled Tribe certificate issued by respective designated Authority in their state. In case of SHG, the tribal to non-tribal ratio must be a minimum of 60:40.

The supplier should give importance to their Production Capacity, Minimum Order Quantity, Lead Time for supplies etc. and other information to be able to meet the orders from E Marketplace.

Tribal Sellers will be able to set up their profile and shop front and add products with their attributes. Sellers will be able to manage their location wise inventory and process the orders by packing and assigning it to the delivery partner.

TRIFED will provide services of Warehouse Management Services, Fulfilment Centres with packaging facilities, logistics services and promotional tools for Sellers in the platform.

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