Drawing attention towards environment issues

An exhibition titled 'Labyrinth: Earth – Environment – Climate Change' by Anu Jindal will be held from October 30 – November 8, 2019.

The art show draw our attention to the present and future of planet earth and its environment – the beautiful and the threatened, will be organised at Kamladevi Complex, India International Centre.

Humanity's continued and increasing carbon footprint is causing concern to some, while others remain insulated. Planet earth's bounty would appear to be boundless but we humans with insatiable consumption levels are proving it otherwise. The ubiquitous plastic remains an integral part of our lives. Emissions of greenhouse gases pervade our atmosphere. Permafrost is thawing, oceans are rising, pushing biodiversity towards extinction. Is there a way out, or will we remain mesmerized in a maze. The artist questions "whither next?" through paintings, mixed media and installations.

Artist, Art Historian and Educationist – Anu Jindal graduated in Fine Arts from the University of Delhi, College of Art and went on to complete M.A. and Ph.D. in Art History from the National Museum Institute, New Delhi.

Initially, she worked extensively in the medium of etching, exploring various facets of humanity from embryonic "amobae" to evolution of humans in the "hominidae" series. Art workshops under Professor Paul Lingren and Professor Krishna Reddy stimulated her to make prints in Colour Intaglio technique, breaking boundaries by treating her etching plates like sculptures. Having explored various media from printmaking, painting, sculpture and pottery, she has expanded into mixed media and installation art, exercising the need to engage in larger spaces.

Jindal combines her artistic practice with writing and teaching, each discipline enriching the other.

Jindal's current creative expression is deeply rooted in the investigation and visual interpretation of nature and being, the interweaving of natural elements and urban life, of habitat and impact of climate change.

The multiplicity of existence, the relationship of environment and psyche of humans, the giver and the taker, the profound and the facile, visualised through mind scapes.

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