'Don't mind playing supporting roles'

After receiving praise for her remarkable performance in ‘Sacred Games’, actress Kubbra Sait is back to rule the web space with her engaging character in ZEE5 web series ‘REJCTX’

From playing a supporting role in Sacred Games to portraying a pivotal character in the ZEE5 web series REJCTX, how was the journey so far?

I don't really categorise my work that 'oh this role is pivotal and this one is not'. In fact, the reason behind choosing this show was not because of how prominent my role is but because of the story. As an actor, the consistency and the honesty with which you work matters the most. I am somebody who enjoys the process, I don't question the results.

How did you get this role? Tell us about your character in REJCTX?

I was offered this role from Goldie Bahl's team. I was very convinced with the story so there was an instant yes from my side because the energy that he (Goldie Bahl) brought to the forefront is undeniably infectious. I am playing the character of a counsellor who is trying to help people out in the school. So for me, it is a very interesting role to play.

As REJCTX highlights the issue of early age drug addiction and involvement in sexual activities, what do you feel about this issue?

I think today's generation is very empowered and at the same time, they could misuse any information very easily because they have more privileges. For example, when I was growing up, I had more restrictions but today's generation has access to everything. I believe that when the children evolve into the new generation with their challenges and try to find answers, parents should evolve with them too. As a result, it would reduce the generation gap and create a strong understanding between parents and their children.

The story revolves around the crucial teen issues like rejections. Have you faced any rejections so far? Elaborate.

I think I wouldn't have been here without rejections. I wanted to be stronger and more accepting towards rejections and when I look into the rejection, I internalise it. If we accept the rejection and try to fix ourselves instead of cross-questioning someone's decision then it will help in our progress.

Do you want to restrict yourself in the digital entertainment space for nAfter receiving praise for her remarkable performance in 'Sacred Games', actress Kubbra Sait is back to rule the web space with her engaging character in ZEE5 web series 'REJCTX'

ow or you have other plans as well?

In the last year, I have shot for three films and am now waiting for them to release. In fact, I am shooting for a film right now in London. I don't really want to restrict myself in web space because I am an actor and I would like to perform on different platforms.

What kind of difficulties do you face when playing a sensitive yet bold character? Do you think that apart from bold characters, the audience would like to see you in a different role as well?

What I like about playing a sensitive character is that you need a huge strength to portray that kind of vulnerability. As far as being comfortable with your sexuality is concerned, I think the first level of acceptance you need to have with yourself is being comfortable with your skin and with who you are.

I think if directors can see me in different characters then the audience will surely be at the receiving end of it.

What is more important for me is whether I can work with more creators for different kinds of content.

I don't understand why there needs to be a division between actors to say "Oh yeh bold character hai aur ye nahi hai" (Oh this one is bold character and this one is not). I believe playing a different character is bold enough.

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