Dive into ‘Spring Splash Sunday Brunch’ at Infinity, Crowne Plaza

Dive into ‘Spring Splash Sunday Brunch’ at Infinity, Crowne Plaza

Prepare for an extraordinary culinary voyage at Infinity’s ‘Spring Splash Sunday Brunch’, where Sundays are transformed into a celebration of the vibrant spirit of spring!

People can join for an immersive experience featuring a dazzling array of seasonal delights, international food stations, live music and a delightful surprise: complimentary access to our invigorating swimming pool.

People will also get to tantalise their taste buds with a symphony of flavours meticulously crafted by Infinity’s master chefs. Indulge in the playful crunch of ‘Rainbow Radish with Tulip and Snow Peas’, the rich flavours of ‘Asparagus Quiche’, the comforting warmth of ‘Stuffed Zucchini’, the aromatic allure of ‘Hare Mutter Ki Shammi’, the traditional goodness of ‘Methi Thepla’, the creamy delight of ‘Shahi Dahi Bhindi’ and the indulgent sweetness of ‘Mutter Mushroom Kishmish Do Pyaza’.

Executive Chef Roushan Sharma, the culinary architect behind the brunch, shared his culinary philosophy, “At Infinity, we believe in creating culinary experiences that transcend the ordinary. With our ‘Spring Splash Brunch’, we’ve carefully curated a menu that not only celebrates the abundance of the season but also pays homage to the fresh, vibrant flavours that spring brings. Every dish is thoughtfully infused with spring elements, from the tender asparagus to the crisp zucchini and the earthy kale, offering our guests a sensory journey through the essence of the season.”

People can elevate their brunch experiences with Infinity’s exclusive ‘Spring Beverage’ menu, featuring an enticing selection of libations, including the invigorating ‘Strawberry Mojito’, the bold ‘Bloody Mary’, the tropical ‘Pineapple Mimosa’, the refreshing ‘Rooh Afza Julip’ and the classic ‘Moscow Mule’.

Where: Infinity, Crowne Plaza Mayur Vihar

When: Every Sunday (Entire April 2024)

Timings: 1 pm to 4 pm

Price: Rs 1,999 + taxes

For table reservations: +91 8860605588

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