Din Ratrir Golpo: Confession stories of day and night

The film Din Ratrir Golpo, is a narrative tale of Suzan, a nun, reminiscing over two incidents of her life. The Tale of a Day Arunima, works in NASA, has not called home for seven days. Her parents receive a phone call from NASA officials who pay them a visit. They are made to believe that their daughter is on the way to Mars on a secret one-way mission.

The Tale of a Night narrates a stormy night where Suzan is sheltered by Rajat. His behavior is strange with weird habits. He repeatedly talks about death and warns not to enter a particular locked room. Out of curiosity Suzan fearfully ventures to explore the locked room. She is aghast to find human body parts hanging there. While face to face she pleads for her life. Both the incidents end with a different outcome. These two confessions of Suzan which are two different stories dealing with shades of death.

The cast includes a plethora of talents like, Rajatava dutta and Supriti Choudhury in lead roles; Pradip Mukherjee, Debesh Roychoudhury, Sourav Chakraborty, Rumki Chatterjee, Rayati Basu in supporting cast. The technical credits role director to Prosenjit Choudhury, screenplay to Supriti Choudhury and Prosenjit Choudhury; cinematographer by Mrinmoy Mondal; Pradip Das as a Editor; Santanu Datta in Music; Tapan Bhattacharya in Sound Design and Dipankar Das in VFX Supervisor.

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