Diet tips for healthy and shiny hair

Healthy hair is a difficult task and calls for a bunch of good habits to be followed with absolute obedience. It is a combination of healthy food routines, good hair care regime, right water and mineral consumption and above all protection from the harmful weather conditions. In summers the challenge escalates, extreme heat or a humid environment rips off the locks of its natural shine and bounce. The impact goes all the way to the scalp making it dry and rough.

In order to maintain your mane and shield it from the harmful UV rays, follow a holistic diet with an attentive lifestyle, experts have given some tips:

Detox water

Stay Hydrated! It is important to keep fluids level high in the body. Only water can be monotonous and for those who are guilty of consuming less water on a daily basis should look at increasing consumption of fruits.

Protein rich dietary

Intake of proteins! What we eat determines how we appear. Hair shafts are mainly made of proteins thus it is important to continue its intake. While it is important to have cooling foods with the increase in Celsius but eggs, lentils, nuts are good source of proteins.

Iron stimulates hair growth

Nutrition deficiency is one of the important factors of hair loss. Iron intake boosts haemoglobin levels in the blood, which carries oxygen to repair damaged cells and stimulate hair growth. Green and leafy vegetables should definitely be a part of regular meals during summers.

Seasonal fruits and juices over packaged drinks

Fighting the hot heat waves is best with natural products. Fruits maintain the minerals while it is light and easy to digest.

(Tips by Advanced Hair Studio experts)

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