Dhimal: In Search of Roots

Dhimal: In Search of Roots

On March 18, 2022, 'Dhimal: In Search of Roots' was screened at the Aikatan Auditorium of Aikatan Cultural Center, EZCC, Salt Lake City, Kolkata during 'National Cultural Documentary Film Festival'.

The 28-minutes documentary film has been conceptualised, produced and directed by Asis Chakraborty. While the film's assistant director is Ujjal Paul, Ashim S Paul is the creative director.

Dhimal, a scheduled tribe of North Bengal, is debarred from their lands, forests and livelihood due to coveting of the British Empires. After losing their constitutional identity, this tribal community was termed as a scheduled caste.

The documentary not only throws light on their lives, language and cultural struggle but also aims to provide the tribal community their constitutional liberties and distinct identity.

'Dhimal: In Search of Roots' was also awarded 'Best Documentary' awards in film festivals like 'IDEAL International Film Festival 2022', 'Iconic Short Cine Awards 2022' and 'Cine Fair Film Festival 2022'.

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