Depicting the tale of Mahabharata

Kolkata Centre for Creativity (KCC), a multi-disciplinary art and creativity centre at Anandapur, Kolkata, West Bengal inaugurated 'Mystique of the Epic', an exposition of paintings by renowned artist Shuvaprasanna on March 15.

The exhibition showcased twenty four paintings using different mediums that are inspired by the allure and mysticism of the Mahabharata and captures significant moments and tales from the epic.

The exhibition was inaugurated by noted media personality, film maker, poet and animal activist

Pritish Nandy along with Shuvaprassana, Richa Agarwal, Chairperson, KCC and other dignitaries.

Commenting on occasion, Richa Agarwal, Chairperson, Kolkata Centre for Creativity said, "The

Mahabharata is perhaps the most fascinating and grandest of epics that has relevance in modern India. The epic has inspired many a creative mind to present its own depiction of the same creatively. We are happy to showcase our dear Shuva da's creative interpretation of the Mahabharata through his wonderful paintings at KCC."

The artist Shuvaprasanna talked about his exhibition said, "The Mahabharata has not only fuelled creativity for ages but has also casted its shadow over contemporary politics, diplomacy and social condition. On one hand, its relevance can be discerned in the conflicts of daily life, love, sexuality, vengeance and on the other hand it is equally apparent in the notions of pure humanitarianism."

"The allure and mysticism of this era making creation that inspired me for this series of paintings. Here I have tried to present to the art lovers some parts of the magic realist canvas that has been a companion in my long walk of life. If my audacious attempt touches or amazes the audience, may be then, I can get closer to my next milestone," he added.

He also thanked KCC and Richa Agarwal for giving him the platform to showcase his works.

The exhibition will continue till March 25

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