'Days of Moscow in Delhi' receives enthusiastic response

Delhi Tourism, Govt of Delhi, in association with Govt of Moscow celebrated 'Days of Moscow in Delhi' featuring a variety of activities including art & culture, heritage, sports and other areas of mutual co-operation, as part of the Twin city agreement for Tourism & Education between the Govt of NCT of Delhi and Govt of City of Moscow, from November 18-19, 2019.

'Days of Moscow in Delhi' received an enthusiastic response from everyone – be it young students from Delhi Govt schools who put up a commendable show while playing with grandmaster Ivan Popov, or students from IIIT and other technical institutes, who made the best out of the opportunity to interact with none other than Russian cosmonaut, Sergey Revin. The citizens relished the cultural extravaganza orchestrated with the stellar performances of 'Berezka' and 'Kvatro' at Siri Fort, regardless of any language barrier.

Giving both our business communities the impetus and direction to expand, the Moscow Govt Conference came as an apt platform under the ever-expanding gamut of the festival. The cultural programs undertaken further bolstered the bilateral ties between the two city governments.

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