Connecting to the Supreme Power through music

Connecting to the Supreme Power through music

A world-famous classical musician - Niladri Kumar - who gave a fusion twist to Sitar, believes that 'Riyaz' (exercise) of music and the practice of 'Sadhana' (meditation) in spirituality is the parallel approach of connecting with Supreme Power for an artist and a seeker respectively.

Niladri is the inventor of 'Zitar' - an electric and a modern form of the Sitar that has five strings. Also known as a global exponent of fusion music, Nildari expressed pleasure in performing at the tomb of the greatest music maestro of all times, Tansen, who was one of the nine-gems in the court of emperor Akbar. His performance received an overwhelming response from the public.

Kumar, who is originally from Kolkata, shared his thoughts on 'Riyaz' or practising the Sitar during his recent visit to Gwalior in Madhya Pradesh and said it gifts him with a spiritual connection with the 'divine power'.

Niladri, along with Pandit Kartick Kumar and Samira, recently visited 'Adhyatm Niketan', a world-famous spiritual centre in Gwalior of Madhya Pradesh. They also met spiritual Sant Kripal Singh, who has been leading the functioning of the 'Sant Parampara' of the ashram since his Guru, Huzur Malik Sahab took 'Samadhi'.

Also a music composer, Kumar says that he is still trying to achieve the right balance between performing pure classical and fusion music.

"Niladri Ji immerses his heart in the performance. It's the purity of his soul that is reflected in his music. He magically binds all the listeners through his presentation," Sant Kripal Singh told 'Millennium Post'.

On registering his 'Haziri' (performance) at the 'International Tansen Samaroh', held every year in Gwalior, the birthplace of Tansen, Niladri said, "It was like a dream come true for my father and a great pleasure for me. He dreamt of me marking my 'Haziri' (performance of Sitar) at the holy tomb of Tansen Saheb at the music festival, which is known as a confluence of some of the best artistes in the line of classical music."

He also earned an overwhelming response from the audienece for composing the fusion of the song 'Crazy kiya re' on Zitar. He is the fifth generation Sitar player in his family, trained under his father Kartik. His first public performance happened when he was only six years old and now, he has become one of the most sought-after musicians in the country.

Kumar's father Kartik, who is a famous Sitarist, was honoured with the Madhya Pradesh government's 'National Kalidas Award' by Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan at the recent 'Tansen Music Festival'.

Niladri is known for fusing the traditional Sitar with a punch of modern notes and revolutionising the art of Sitar playing

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