Choosing right artwork for home

Here is a guide to pick up the right art piece for each room – small pieces are recommended for kitchens whereas bigger options are best for more spacious areas like bedrooms and living spaces

When you start your life in a new home or change the settings of rooms, the most striking feature that stands out is the artwork. However, it is the most difficult task as the chosen artwork would define personality of the home owner and show character of the space. Every nook and corner of the house requires different type of artwork and one must use the advice of experts to make sure that the placement is always right.

For the Kitchen

When it comes to enhancing the decor of house, Kitchen becomes one of the neglected places in most of the households around the globe. However, experts feel that generally known as the 'heart of the home', kitchen should have apt artwork to make it more appealing. You won't notice but a lot of time the guests even check this area of your house and a badly done space leaves a negative impression. Counter tops or spaces above cabinets are the perfect places to experiment with the masterpiece(s). Experts advise that choosing smaller pieces should complement the limited space in kitchen area. It would be best if you use some funny or social prints, which can bring a smile in your face in mornings.

For the Bedroom

A retreat after a hard day's work, the artwork in bedrooms should reflect relaxation part. Walls directly above the bed and opposite to bed are the best places to use artworks. In this room one should go for bigger pieces and those should be hanged at eye level. Abstract pieces that are in soothing colors or tones are the best bet. Other option can be photographs by famous photographers or landscapes paintings.

For the Living Room

The most intimidating room is the living room and it should be given due importance. Most of the guests are welcomed in this room and spend maximum time here, therefore, the pressure to make this room look perfect is comparatively higher. Right artwork can provoke conversation and set the feel or vibe of the space. Large-scale piece or a gallery wall is the good choice. For the Bathroom

Bathroom being the least used or displayed area of the house, tends to be lowest on the list when it comes to makeover. Though experts feel that there is a need to display artworks here also and it should go with the mood of bathroom. One can go for fun and bright pieces, or serene or calming pieces. The artworks here will look good in pairs and one can set them as stacked or side by side. Flipped art pieces can also be used and these can be placed over the toilet seat, bathtub or over the towel hooks.

(Inputs by Bhawana Bhatnagar, Interior stylist and Founder Casa Exotique)

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