Chhattisgarh's tableau all set to roll out on Rajpath

Chhattisgarh's tableau, depicting traditional crafts and ornaments, is ready to mesmerize the audience at Rajpath during the Republic Day celebrations here. The tableau was recently showcased to the national media by Defense Ministry during a press preview at R R Camp. Tribal dancers, who will be accompanying the tableau, also performed Kaksaar dance in front of the media.

The tableau summarizes the broad horizon of Chhattisgarh's folk life and earmarks the art forms of tribal society. The art form ranges from ornaments to idols to things used in day to day life.

The front portion of the tableau consists of an idol of 'Nandi' - vehicle of Lord Shiva, made up of bell metal. This is the best sample of Dhokra art. The idol embellished with utmost beauty not only showcases the spiritual side of folk life but also depicts tribal's love towards living creatures. The traditions of dance and music are also displayed near this craft.

The middle portion shows a tribal girl adorned with traditional ornaments dreaming about her future. The rear part depicts a storage space for paddy beautifully adorned with Dhokra art. Nearby, boat sailors made up of wrought iron depicting the continuous flow of happiness and eternity of life is showcased.

Out of 28 states, only 16 states, including Chhattisgarh will be able to take part in Republic Day parade.

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