Cherish the cultural richness of Mehrauli

To revive the ancient tradition of visiting Mehrauli during the monsoon season, Delhi Tourism has organised a three-day ‘Mehrauli Monsoon festival’ in the Capital

The oldest of the seven cities, Mehrauli has retained its own identity through the ages. Derived from the Sanskrit word Mihira-awali, it signifies the township where well-known astronomer Varahamihira of Vikramaditya's court lived. Dotted with numerous monuments and structures of significance, Mehrauli embodies an era and pace of its own.

Accepted and relished by emperors, regardless of the dynasty, Mehrauli was graced by the emperors during the monsoon to enjoy the lush green beauty and mango orchards. Known as their summer palace, Zafar Mahal was regularly visited by the last Mughals like Akbar Shah II and Bahadur Shah Zafar.

Home to a large number of monuments and archaeological ruins, a large section of tourists limits their visit to the Qutub Minar. In order to highlight the cultural and ecological significance of Mehrauli as a tourist destination, Delhi Tourism is reviving ancient tradition of visiting Mehrauli during the monsoon season and has organised the three-day Mehrauli Monsoon festival from August 30-September 1, 2019.

The three-day festival will witness a stellar line-up of artists such as Javed Ali, Qutubi Brothers and the like alongside Folk and Classical dance performances.

Spread over three core venues in Mehrauli village, the Aam Bagh will showcase local and folk-art forms and host a vibrant Mela, proffering a myriad of dishes and stalls native to the Capital and surrounding States. The Jahaaz Mahal is the hub of musical concerts whereas the Jharna will house workshops for visitors.

Workshops on painting, sculptures and ecology will be held everyday for the duration of the festival to engage visitors and enable a better understanding of our rich artistic lineage. With Mehrauli Monsoon festival, Delhi Tourism, Govt, of Delhi intends to let the visitors appreciate and cherish the cultural richness of spaces like Mehrauli Village and widen the perspective of Delhi housing only a specific known set of monuments.

To facilitate visitors, free shuttle service is being provided from Chhattarpur Metro Station to the venue and back.

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