Celebrating the journey of Urdu language

Dakhni, a celebration of the incredible journey of Urdu language through the routes Deccan or Dakkhan, will be held from March 1 - 2 at Salman Ghani Hashmi Auditorium, Zakir Husain Delhi College, New Delhi.

Nabeel Khan on Sarangi with his accomplice Denis Kucherov on Tabla will present an Indian classical performance, 10 am onwards on March 2.

The duo will present an impressive fusion of Indian and Russian music with various percussion instruments at play. Their performance will mark the 2020 Dakhni edition which celebrates Urdu language's journey and legacy across the Indian sub-continent. The aim is to preserve and spread the articulacy of Urdu in today's time.

Nabeel Khan is a young solo instrumentalist sensation of India. Born on September 2, 1999 in a family of musician, Nabeel began learning Sarangi at the age of 7. He is the son of the renowned Sarangi player Ustad Nasir Khan, the grandson of the legendary Padmabhushan Ustad Sabri Khan Sahab of the Rampur Muradabad Sania Gharana and the nephew of Ustad Kamal Sabri.

Passionate about classical music, Nabeel has been learning Sarangi from his father Ustad Nasir Khan and uncle Ustad Kamal Sabri Sahab. He also represented the country in the Indian Embassy of Hague and France where he was facilitated with the award for Best Teenage Instrumentalist.

Denis Kucherov, another performer of the evening, is one of the finest Indian traditional music percussionists in Europe and Russia. He is well versed with different genres of music-from Indian to Turkey to Spanish to Arabic. He also plays as a soloist of the Hermitage classic orchestra. He has produced numerous albums and also accompanied Grammy Award winner 'Vishwa Mohan Bhatt'.

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