Celebrating menstruation by dismantling taboos

Celebrating menstruation by dismantling taboos

On February 1, Connaught Place, the usually bustling heart of Delhi, pulsated with a different rhythm. Gone were the honking cars and hurried pedestrians, which were replaced by a vibrant wave of pink and purple as Sachhi Saheli’s ‘Period Fest’ and ‘Pad Yatra’, supported by IndusInd Bank and the Directorate of Education, took over Central Park. Led by Surbhi Singh, President of ‘Sachhi Saheli’, the event was a revolution, aiming to shatter the silence surrounding menstruation and empower women through education and acceptance.

Amid the electrifying buzz of 2500 students and teachers, their slogans during the normalising period pulsated like a defiant anthem, shattering barriers with every beat. The ‘Period Fest’ featured laughter mingling with cheers, dismantling common myths and taboos surrounding periods resonating with the crowd. Knowledge burst beyond words at the festival, blooming in diverse experiences across Central Park. Informative stalls thrummed with curiosity as visitors explored period products and educational resources, while ‘Health Zone’ dispelled myths and empowered them with insights. The Menstrual Cafe, ‘Fun Zone’ and ‘Health Zone’ became vibrant tools for handling sensitive topics of menstruation.

Laughter replaced shyness as participants playfully dismantled myths and challenged taboos, all while learning along the way. This dynamic blend of information resonated with the crowd, leaving them empowered with knowledge and a fresh perspective on menstruation. The event embarked on a ripple of change, captured in a wish tree adorned with pad-shaped papers, where people penned their hopes for a future where periods were embraced with dignity and understanding. The ‘Period Fest’ pulsed with vibrant energy, promising to leave a lasting mark on hearts and minds, echoing out through Delhi as a movement for menstrual awareness and empowerment.

The vibrant ‘Pad Yatra’, led by Namita Bhura, Secretary of ‘Sachhi Saheli’, weaved through Connaught Place, a sea of pink and purple echoing with empowering slogans and lively music. It was a reminder that breaking taboos requires marching together, with voices raised in unison. The event was graced by distinguished guests, including Health Minister of Delhi NCT Saurabh Bhardwaj and former MP Udit Raj. Their participation underscored the growing importance of menstrual awareness and inclusivity in public discourse.

Adding to the significance, Bhardwaj expressed his amazement at the turnout and remarked how wonderful it was to see such a large crowd openly discussing periods and challenging taboos. The success of ‘Period Fest’ and ‘Pad Yatra’ was a testament to the dedication of the entire ‘Sachhi Saheli’ team, especially Shahnaz Bano, Indu Sharma, Shaheen, Rinki, Zeenat and Jaswinder. Their unwavering commitment to creating a world where periods are not treated with shame but with understanding and acceptance is truly inspiring.

This wasn’t just a one-day event. It was a movement. Sachhi Saheli’s ‘Period Fest’ and ‘Pad Yatra’ proved that periods can be discussed, celebrated and challenged openly. This is a call to action and a reminder that with one conversation, one dance step and one slogan at a time, we can create a world where every woman bleeds with pride.

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