Celebrating inclusivity with a cultural extravaganza

Celebrating inclusivity with a cultural extravaganza

On the occasion of the International Day of Sign Languages on September 23, the National Gallery of Modern Art, New Delhi, presented a cultural extravaganza that not only celebrated inclusivity but also put the spotlight on the role of museums in uniting communities. NGMA has made great strides towards making the museum a democratising space, one that gives access to all, including people with disabilities.

The spectacular lineup of performances began with a guided tour of the exhibition of mementos received by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in sign language. This was followed by the National Anthem, which was also in sign language, by the 'Sai Swayam Society for the Speech and Hearing Impaired'. The scintillating performance by these young artists set the stage for the next few performances, including a puppet show, a magic show and a musical performance by 'Anhad', a gifted band of visually impaired people.

Temsunaro Jamir, Director of NGMA, said, "Bearing in mind the significance of the ongoing 'International Week for the Deaf', we have introduced several innovative solutions to keep those with hearing and visual impairment engaged with happenings at the museum. This will ensure wider participation in the fourth edition of the series of auctions, first launched in 2019. The fact that all proceeds contribute towards the noble cause of rejuvenating our national river Ganga makes the tremendous effort put into these events worth it. All communities should be able to participate in big numbers to bring the visionary ideas of Prime Minister Narendra Modi to fruition."

"NGMA initiated several creative museum practices with the idea of inclusivity at the locus. To make the International Day of Sign Languages more meaningful, we have organised special tours in sign language for the deaf and hearing-impaired. In addition, for the very first time in the history of the museum, we have also published a catalogue of select items in Braille along with an audio guide app," she added.

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