Career predictions through numbers

Career predictions through numbers

Numbers play an important role in determining our destiny. The most critical need for human life today is to earn well as it contributes humans to being able to live a steady life. The basis on which date a native is born and ideal professions can be determined. Let’s understand what Rakhhi Jain, a Vastu and numerology expert, has shared and what should be one’s profession.

Nowadays, everyone is career-conscious but in a state of confusion. While studying, one should know which profession is best for him/her. At present, there are various options available for career and are meant for different persons of different experiences. Besides this, it’s much more important which sort of profession suits the native. Finance directly depends upon one’s career. One should opt for a suitable career for him/her.

Readers are requested not to be confused by the variety of methods used by the numerologists for the most suitable professions from the date of birth of the subject. Before relying on the professions given anywhere, one must consult with the right person or guide who can suggest to them the professions suitable to them, as numerology calculation is used anywhere in general. Some of the professions are considered by the various numerologists from the date of birth - keeping all of the above consideration - one can choose the profession from the date of birth or the destiny number which is the total of his/her birth date.

For example, if his/her date of birth is- 1-January-1999, then the destiny number will be number 1. Also, his/ her complementing number will be the total of his/her date of birth, which is: 1-1-1999 = 30 = 3 + 0 = 3. So, an individual can choose a profession from the numbers given below for the numbers 1 or 3.

Number 1 (Jobs suited to birth numbers 1, 10, 19 and 28): The most suitable professions for them are authoritative, politics, government jobs, leadership, directing, administrative services, management services, business executives, clay miners, religious heads, medicine, trade of gems and jewels, work related to fire, army, entrepreneur and consultative services.

Number 2 (Jobs suited to birth numbers 2, 11, 20 and 29): Confectionary and baking, nursing, navy and marine, liquid items, import/export, gardening, housekeeping, literary activity-based jobs, artist, poet, fields of singing and music, dancing, writing, fine arts, illustrations, translation, travelling, tourist guide, personal assistant, charity work, working in education, diplomat, social work, secretary and factory work are suitable professions for such people.

Number 3 (Jobs suited to birth numbers 3, 12, 21 and 30): The most suitable professions for such people are treasury, scholars, priests, running educational institutions, finance, writers, all posts of trust and responsibility, home-management, architecture, writing, acting, event-managing, surgery, occult studies, accountancy, business management, computer programming and research scientists.

Number 4 (Jobs suited to birth number 4, 13, 22 and 31): The most suitable professions for them are leadership, politics, electricity, engineering, research, speculation, aviation, journalism, air force, mining, contract jobs, oratory and archaeological services, business executive, event manager, social work and banking.

Number 5 (Jobs suited to birth numbers 5, 14 and 23): Teaching, writing, artists, architecture, merchandise, clerks, accountants, editors, transportation, journalism, singing, teaching, counsellorship, trade, share market, publishing, management, music composer, choreographer, event-managing, exporting, banking, chartered accountancy, business executive, foreign administrative services, sportsman, politician, acting professional, entrepreneur, designing, inventing, social work and reform work are suitable professions for such people.

Number 6 (Jobs suited to birth numbers 6, 15 and 24): The most suitable professions for them are pleasures, luxuries, beauty, artists, writing, singing, lyricist, dancers, music, entertainment industry, hotels, silk and expensive textiles, peacemakers, painting, perfume-making, trade of clothes, medicines and cosmetics, interior decoration, designing, exhibitionism, architecture, event management of fashion shows, stock and share investors, art directing, artistry, beauty, cosmetics, jewellery, humanitarian organisations and healing.

Number 7 (Jobs suited to birth numbers 7, 16 and 25): Writing, arts, medicine, communication, E-Trade, occult science, research, teaching, science, engineering, metaphysics, foreign services, running traveling agencies, designing, transcriptionist, journalism, psychoanalysis, philosophy, prediction and counsellor, social work, naturalism, enlightenment, religion, secret affairs and philosophy are suitable professions for such people.

Number 8 (Jobs suited to birth numbers 8, 17 and 26): The most suitable professions for them are judgeship, legal vocation, science, engineering, metaphysics, foreign services, running traveling agencies, sports, iron industries, transcriptionist, journalism, psychoanalysis, philosophy, prediction and counsellor, social work, naturalism, enlightenment, religion and secret affairs.

Number 9 (Jobs suited to birth numbers 9, 18 and 27): Surgery, engineering, metallurgy, weapons, construction, army, police, leadership, healing, counsellor, method acting, artistry, politics, armed forces, martial arts, judiciary, administrative services, professions related to fire, land, banking, mining, science and technology, engineering, property dealing, the business of precious stones, mine-engineering, publishing and printing, legal consultancy, developers, surgical instruments dealer, photography, movie-making and hotel management are suitable professions for such people.

So, the next time people think of how to choose the right career or profession, they must consider the numerological implications and choose the one that aligns with their life paths, lucky numbers and overall vibes.

(Rakhhi Jain is a professional numerologist, Vastu consultant and general counsellor from Mumbai, India. Email: Mobile: +91 9594888515, +91 9136910156. ‘Instagram’ handle: numerologybyrakhejain. Facebook handle: Numerology By Rakhe Jain)

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