Bringing together multidisciplinary arts

Inner Konnect Art – IKA an art project that seeks to educate, inspire and lift creative spirits within is coming up their second edition of 'Verve De L'Art' at the Open Palm Court, India Habitat from December 1, 6 pm onwards. The show will go on until December 6.

The different categories of art themes second edition will be focusing on are, Peace, not war, Creativity Not Destruction, Empathy Not Hate, Generosity Not Greed and Everybody – Not Just Us. The collection will comprise a host of artists who will display a range of artworks, sculptures, and performances in the evenings. There will be art, poetry, story-telling sessions, interactive talks and more to engage with the audience.

The event has been curated by IKA, Gaurav Chawla and Richa Chadha. Gaurav Chawla one of the founders of IKA says, "We are known to have multiple group shows with talented artists from inter-disciplinary backgrounds, our aim is to bring together multidisciplinary arts, as we firmly believe in unity in diversity, so we have put together a mix of different performances to make it a truly inclusive participation from our patrons and well-wishers as well."

Working on the theme as a subtext, there will be canvases by Bharti Verma, Gaurav Chawla, Khushboo Chatterjee, Manan Negi, Neeraj Sharma, Ruchi Chadha, Sanjay Chakraborty, Shweta Malhotra, among others.

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