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Instead of investing time in creating Rangoli, go your own way and choose the best of rugs available in the market to adorn your house, suggest experts

Just as Rangoli is synonymous with festivity and is an integral part of Indian culture, rugs are synonymous with luxury and craftsmanship and are a unifying element in pulling Indian homes together.

So, this Diwali, instead of investing time in creating Rangoli, go your own way and choose the best of rugs available in the market to adorn your house, suggest experts.

Rangoli is a folk art that will not lose its charm anytime soon, and will remain an essential part of Indian festivals, but rugs are a good alternative to opt for when it comes to adorning homes with something that will last. While Rangoli gets spoiled within a day, a genuine hand knotted rug can last for decades. It is comfortable to walk on (or even sit on sometimes).

Besides, rugs offer many benefits that go beyond decoration. Offering the best of modern, traditional and transitional designs, rugs can add a striking, stylish contrast to any space.

Rugs are also pet and infant-friendly. Nowadays, the colored powders can do so much more harm to infants as well as animals than you can imagine and hence, rugs can be a better and safe option.

Hence, this Diwali, experts bring a delightful curation of hand-woven rugs which derive inspiration from the beauteous floor craft and the soul it imbibes.

Types of rugs available in the market

1- The traditional rugs exuding floral Rangoli patterns from North India are one of the best options that you can pick for your home to bring back the old world charm.

2- Inspired from the Alpana rangoli form of West Bengal, Indo-Nepalese rugs woven from the finest quality of wool and natural silk is another choice for you. The faded design and erased motifs are reminiscent of the white boundaries of Rangoli fading into the ground like an echo.

3- A traditional floral design gets a trendy update in yet another hand knotted Indo-Nepalese weave rug, showcasing erased motifs for a rich, contemporary appeal. Motifs resembling Mandanas from Rajasthan are given a wiped out look for a unique design.

4- Handloom rug showcasing a beautiful interplay of textures, patterns and colours are inspired from the ornate and intricate geometric patterns of Kolam Rangoli from south, and are quite popular among people these days.

5- Another vintage oushak is replete with unique patterns and bold colors, much like the folk art of Rangoli. Hand knotted in Persian weave, the traditional rug reflects the history of a faraway civilisation, looking and feeling beautiful for years to come.

(Inputs by Avani Khandelwal, Founder of The Ambiente)

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