Breaking the taboos

Delhi Commission of Protection of Child Rights (DCPCR) in collaboration with Sachhi Saheli NGO organised a sensitisation cum orientation workshop on adolescent health and menstrual health for selected teachers and counsellors of East Delhi Government Schools on November 16, 2019, at S.K.V, West Vinod Nagar.

The workshop was conducted under Project 'Disha' which is an initiative of Sachhi Saheli to sensitise the school teachers about the various issues associated with adolescence and menstrual hygiene management.

Approximately 100 teachers and counsellors from East Delhi government schools attended the workshop.

The Facilitators cum experts were Ranjana Prasad, Member of DCPCR); Dr. Arun Gupta, President of Delhi Medical Council and Pediatrician; Dr. Surbhi Singh President, Sachhi Saheli & Gynecologist).

Session one on the first day was by Dr Arun Gupta on Adolescent health and behaviour and issues of teenage boys and girls during adolescence. During the session, Dr Gupta gave many examples of his own life experiences to tackle such problems. He mainly emphasised on the value of giving right information to the children.

It was followed by a discusion by Dr Surbhi Singh, President of Sachhi Saheli NGO. She talked about Menstruation, several myths around menstruation that exist in our society. With regard to elimination of the existing superstitions related to periods, Dr Surbhi especially talked about the role of teachers in society that, "As teachers and parents, we must be conscious so as to not instill any shame about periods in our children, the blood after all is the very elixir that makes life possible on earth. We must ensure that our children are equipped with the correct knowledge about menstruation and other changes taking place in their bodies."

On the second day, which took place on November 19, Approximately 130 teachers and counsellors from East Delhi govt. schools were present.

Ranjana Prasad (Member of DCPCR); Dr. Surbhi Singh (President, Sachhi Saheli & Gynecologist); Rachna Sudheen; Rikita Narula; Debangana Das were the experts cum facilitators of this program.

The 5P Pouch, a Sachhi Saheli initiative which includes a sanitary napkin, a panty, a paper soap, a paper and a paper bag was demonstrated to the teachers so that everyone is period ready.

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