Bouquets are passe, gift a plant this Valentine's Day

Let love and care bloom this season of romance with a thoughtful gift

Plants are known to usher in calm and beauty to any space, and they can do exactly that to your relationship too.

If you are thinking of gifting your loved ones a beautiful bouquet of flowers this season, think again. This Valentine's Day, gift a live plant rather than a bouquet. Real plants are aesthetically pleasing, pocket-friendly and come in varied shapes and forms. Cherry on the cake, they will grow with love and care just like your relationship with your loved ones.

Introducing plants to your loved ones for the first time? Experts suggests gifting these low maintenance and easy to grow houseplants: Lipstick Aglaonema, Tradescantia Zebrina, Variegated Pothos (Money plant), Sansevieria (Snake plant), Philodendrons Oxycardium, or Spider plant.

If your partner already has experience with plants, consider gifting these plants to get them excited: ZZ plant, Hoya Kerrii, Succulents, Monstera Deliciosa or Fiddle Leaf Fig.

Here are some flowering plants that you can gift: Jasmine, Orchids, Christmas Cactus, Lilies, or seasonal flowers like Petunia, Zinnias, and Pansy.

As per experts, almost all flowering plants require direct sunlight but if you still want to bring flowering plants indoors then Peace Lily and Anthurium are good options.

Don't forget to brief your beloved on these plant caring tips:

Water: Most plants die from over watering than under watering. Water your plants only when the soil feels dry when you touch. If the soil doesn't stick it means that you can water.

Light: All plants need light, whether direct or indirect. Anywhere where you can read a newspaper without artificial light has indirect light just enough for your plants. LEDs also help plants grow.

Nutrition: Just like humans, plants too need nutrition. Make sure to feed your plants at regular intervals. Plant food sticks are a hassle free nutrition to consider.

Soil: Most plants do well in light rich soil which has less water retention capacity.

The beauty of plants is in seeing them grow with you. Gift a plant this Valentine's, and give some tender loving care to both the plant and your relationship.

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