Bored of the treadmill? Try an acrobatic workout

Instead of sticking to treadmill, switch up your exercise routine with multiple non-traditional workouts, from the Aerial Hoop to Mallakham to Body Combat

Thinking of shedding those extra kilos and getting fit? One usually imagines endless hours on the treadmill – but it doesn't have to be that way.

Considered to be a great cardiovascular workout, a run for a few minutes on the treadmill machine helps in keeping the body active. But despite this benefit, sticking to a treadmill can often get boring and monotonous, say fitness experts.

Sticking to only the treadmill can also get the body accustomed to low intensity workouts, which, in turn makes the body burn calories slowly.

Try and have more fun with your exercise routine and switch it up with multiple non-traditional workouts, from the Aerial Hoop to Mallakham to Body Combat.

Aerial Hoop

Find your inner acrobat and enjoy becoming fit and toned with the Aerial Hoop workout. This full body workout helps in improving the muscle-strength of the arms, shoulders and upper body while building on flexibility, balance and coordination. It also helps to boost mental health, as concentration plays a major role in workout.


This ancient Indian sport is famous for improving concentration; speed and flexibility while balancing your body weight on a wooden beam. This full-body workout strengthens the core, increases suppleness in the body and improves mental health while sharpening your focus.


This workout helps improve muscle strength and tone them too. It is the only workout form that helps in building muscle mass and strength without the use of weights. It contributes to flexibility, weight loss and endurance.

Non-traditional workout routines are picking up with fitness enthusiasts across the world – be it beginners or gym buffs. It's time to jump onto the workout bandwagon.

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