Best dubbing artists working on ‘Bagha Jatin’: Dev

The actor-producer is having a gala time shooting in North Bengal with his mother by his side and mentions he didn’t have time to dub for the Hindi version of the patriotic film

Best dubbing artists working on ‘Bagha Jatin’: Dev

It’s a special feeling having your family by your side and when you’re in the midst of a film shoot, the presence of loved ones, especially mothers, makes the experience doubly special. So, for Dev, the presence of his mother on the set of his latest project, ‘Pradhan’, was extremely special.

For the past 20 days, Dev has been shooting in the captivating locations of North Bengal. Recently, he shared a photograph on social media where he is seen enjoying the beauty of the Murti River in Dooars with his mother. “Maa accompanies me to shoots at times and I enjoy spending time with her,” he said.

‘Pradhan’ is close to his heart and he hopes to release the film during Christmas. However, there’s another project, ‘Bagha Jatin’, which is also keeping the actor-producer busy. With the period drama, Dev is all set to impress the pan-Indian audience. Recently, the actor revealed both the Bengali and Hindi teasers, where he plays the titular role of the freedom fighter. However, Dev hasn’t dubbed the Hindi version.

“I couldn’t spare the time for the Hindi dubbing as my schedule was incredibly packed. However, we had the best dubbing team and voice artists working on the Hindi version of the film. It’s not about me but as a producer, the end product should be something an industry should be proud of. I’m receiving calls from producers in Mumbai and everyone is appreciating how professionally we have handled everything so far with the film,” said the actor-producer of the patriotic film.

‘Bagha Jatin’ was a challenging film to produce. Directed by Arun Roy, the film has 92 actors with almost 89 newcomers. So, Dev took a lot of risks. But he has always considered himself to be a risk taker, hence he didn’t think twice about releasing the film across India when he saw the final product. “It may not have had a budget of Rs 100 crore, but my goal was to ensure that 140 crore Indians had the opportunity to witness the story of freedom fighter Jatidranath Mukhopadhyay, better known as Bagha Jatin. He sacrificed his life for India’s freedom and I wanted to make his story accessible to every Indian,” he said.

The actor-producer made sure he had the best teams working on the film. For VFX, he joined forces with ‘Firefly Creative Studios’, a name associated with SS Rajamouli’s Oscar-winning ‘RRR’. When it came to the music, he roped in AR Rahman’s orchestra to elevate the soundscape of the film. “I’m not sure of the fate of the film, but I know there are some projects where you don’t want to think of the aftermath. We ensured we hired the best people in every department,” Dev told ‘Millennium Post’.

Tragedy also struck the ‘Bagha Jatin’ team when Roy was diagnosed with cancer. “Arun da is in the best phase of his life. We have been working on ‘Bagha Jatin’ for two years as a family. When we first heard about his illness, it was almost unbelievable. But then, reality set in and it came as a huge shock to all of us,” said Dev.

Soham poses with 15-foot python in North Bengal

Director Avijit Sen had an unexpected visitor on the set of his Bengali film, ‘Pradhan’, on a Thursday morning. The cast and crew, including Dev, Soham Chakraborty and Biswanath Basu, were taken by surprise when they found a colossal 15-foot-long python at their North Bengal shooting location near Murti River.

It was the sudden commotion of the crew members that woke up Basu. Once he came out of his hotel room, he was shocked to see the reptile. “What I witnessed today is something we see in zoo visits or on TV,” he said.

Soham asked Basu to pose with the snake, but the actor didn’t have enough courage to do so. Soham fearlessly posed with the python and shared snapshots on social media and wrote, “Good morning. Ajker sokaler #Pradhan akorshon#loveanimals.”

Basu also noted that Dev, who acted in the adventure film ‘Chander Pahar’, remained unfazed by the encounter.

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