Bengal pre-puja expo begins in Delhi

Bengal pre-puja expo begins in Delhi

It’s that time of the year when the air is filled with festivity with the scent of ‘sheuli’ flowers and the gentle dance of ‘kash phool’. It signifies the annual arrival of Goddess Durga. People of all faiths, social backgrounds and ethnicities come together to celebrate Durga’s homecoming or Durga Puja.

Just before the rhythmic beats of the ‘dhaak’ echo through the air, a Bengali pre-puja expo is going on at Dilli Haat INA till October 15. Aptly titled ‘Aagomoni: The Homecoming’, the event is a celebration of crafts, cuisine and culture.

With 162 stalls, 250 artisans and 90 captivating performers, it promises to weave together unforgettable musical evenings and live performances. The expo also has a wide array of Bengali cuisine, selfie contests, traditional crafts and live artisan zones. So, if one is in Delhi and looking to enjoy the traditional culture of Bengal alongside enchanting musical performances, they now know exactly where to head.

At a glance

Oct 7

- Mime Act

- Bengali folk fusion

- Jhumur

Oct 8

- Dance performance

- Vocal performance

- Bengali folk dance

Oct 14

- Musician rendezvous

- Siddha Venna

- Bengali band

Oct 15

- Group performance

- Bengali band

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