Artwork that charts the trajectories of mind

A solo show titled 'Metaphors of the Moon' will be presented by Studio Adda at the Lalit Kala Akademi from May 11- 17. The present series of the paintings, Metaphors of the Moon, chart the trajectories of the mind as it travels from absence to presence in a cyclic repetition.
The mind is the metaphor for the Moon. It represents the cyclic process of thought, its creation, immersion and regeneration. The lessons of the Moon are about the fragility of reconciliation and the assurance of restoration.
The paintings are a visualization of the individualized collective mind that embraces the one and the infinite, with the same ease as it deals with universal pain, suffering and loss. The mind engages naturally with the task of the larger and impersonal, rather than the smaller and personal.
Like the Moon, the mind too reduces itself to fit the mortal world. The mind binds itself to the temporal, despite the knowledge of its timelessness, and expanse.
Kota Neelima's paintings for the past decade have been inspired by the questions of existence and creation and
explored the healthy tradition of doubt and scepticism in Indian philosophical thought. Her works
interrogate the concepts of creation, causation and karma, as paths of reconciliation.
Drawing from her study of the Upanishads, and her own understanding of contemporary India as an author about poverty and spirituality, Neelima's works are part of public and private spaces in India and other countries, including the Museum of Sacred Art in Belgium.
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