Artists draw their perception of spirituality, love for animals

This monsoon, the lines, shapes, curves, colours, concepts converge together at India Habitat Centre, as fifteen artists come together under one roof to showcase their exhibits based on an eclectic mix of themes.

Titled 'Panorama – 15', the exhibition, which is going on until August 15, showcases themes like spirituality and love for animals by the artists including Uma Bardhan, Shalini Varshney, Pooja Mudgal, Nirupama Mishra, Meghna Agarwal, Mahendra Rai, Renu Umrao, Dr Zaheeda Khanam, Rashid Ahmed, Biswaranjan Bhunia, Suhas Das, to name a few.

Spirituality helps in destressing oneself and become one with the universe. This idea has been portrayed by Shalini Varshney in her depiction of Lord Buddha. Whereas, Nirupama Mishra has shown people take a holy dip in the holy city of Benaras.

Meghna Agarwal's paintings show the results of deforestation as it affects men and animals in the same intensity.

The exhibition titled 'Panorama' –Just as the word Panorama suggests an unbroken world view of things, likewise the exhibition depicts myriad artworks based on various contemporary issues of social relevance all beautifully arranged and displayed under one roof. The colourful canvases, intriguing techniques, bold brush strokes, thought-provoking art, timeless collection of paintings have made the exhibition one of its kind.

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