Artistic tribute to Mahatma

Witness first of its kind event where renonwned artists will come together to showcase the spiritual, social and philosophical messages of Gandhi life

If you are in Delhi, don't forget to visit Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts, Delhi, from January 30 to February 9, 2020 and witness first of its kind event where renonwned artists in music, dance and literature will come together to interpret Gandhi and showcase the profound spiritual, social and philosophical messages that Gandhi's life and works are a testament to.

The event titled 'Swar Santati' is a tribute to Mahatma Gandhi on his 150th birth anniversary. Conceptualised and curated by Lavina Baldota and Swar, the event was first opened at the National Gallery of Modern Art, Mumbai on October 1, 2019 as 'Santati, Mahatma Gandhi – Then, Now, Next.

Santati is a sequence that does not break, an infinite loop, a continuum. Through his seamless, sleepless journey from Gandhi to Mahatma, this visionary radiated, imbibed and left behind messages in mindful living, messages bare in their truth, messages that move in the concentric rings of time, holding within them the power to overturn the world.

Swar in the tradition of Hindustani music, is a word that has a certain form and sound which could lead us to a meaning. The horizon of the swar is vast but in the grammar of music, seven key swaras have been set down in a democratic lattice where all sounds get equal opportunity. Similarly, Mahatma Gandhi's idea of swaraj was that of a land of equal opportunities. He believed in the true growth of individuals if they are given suitable chances and a fertile environment.

Derived from the concept of swar se swaraj, Swar Santati is a stage where all participating artists are given their own opportunity, their own voice, their swar. It does not discriminate, preach or idolise. The works and the minds involved strive to reiterate the very core of Gandhi's message – that another way is possible.

"Swar Santati, personally for me has become a limitless canvas of introspection and self-discovery woven by yarns of ethos derived from Gandhian influence rendered with the hues of my most intrinsic emotions, especially love and pride for my roots, my country, its leaders, artists, artisans, its aesthetics and its rich heritage," says Lavina Baldota Chairperson, Abheraj Baldota Foundation.


Gaurang Shah, Textile Designer

Gaurang Shah interprets iconic paintings of artist Raja Ravi Varma as hand woven visuals on saris, hand spun in khadi. The focus of his work revolves around the swadeshi movement.

Klove Studio (Prateek Jain and Gautam Seth), Light Designers

Klove Studio translates the philosophy of ahimsa through architectural light design. Their work celebrates the simplicity and poignancy of Gandhi's life.

Gaurav Gupta, Couturier

Gaurav Gupta's installation is an ode to Mahatma Gandhi inspired by his heartbeat, his search for Truth and the infinite quality of his message.

Rajesh Pratap Singh, Designer

Rajesh Pratap Singh's work is a study in how Gandhi has been observed by

the world, told through metal and


Ashiesh Shah, Architect

Ashiesh Shah combines through the idea of less is more, designs that are modern and minimal in their aesthetic while deep rooted in traditional practices of Indian artisans.

Jean François Lesage, Couture Embroiderer

Lesage transfers handwritten letters of Mahatma Gandhi and the route of the march to Dandi on to khadi through couture embroidery.

Navkirat Sodhi, Poet

Navkirat Sodhi pays her tribute with experiential poetry written around the spiritual and philosophical significance of Mahatma Gandhi's messages.

Kishore Jhunjhunwala, Collector, Philatelist, Numismatist

An avid collector of all objects and documentation related to Gandhi and deeply influenced by the life of the Mahatma, Kishore Jhunjhunwala contributes to Santati with his extensive collection of over fifty years.


The Museum of Art and Photography (MAP), Bengaluru, lends from its collection, rare works in painting and chromolithography, depicting Mahatma Gandhi.

The Raja Ravi Varma Heritage Foundation

The Foundation lends lithographs from artist Raja Ravi Varma's repertoire. The visuals of these paintings transferred on to pallus of khadi saris by textile designer Gaurang Shah have been inspired by the same.

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