Air India to take you on a culinary expedition

Air India's all valuable passengers may better fasten their seat belts to take-off on a culinary expedition to the kitchen-dom of the quintessential Bengali cuisine. Like every year, Indian National carrier is set to offer you the best of traditional Bengali bhoj served piping hot from its 5-star flight kitchen during the Durga Puja from Saptami to Nabami.

The handpicked choice on offer includes Bhat, Sona Mug Dal, Luchi, Murgir Kalia, Macher Teljhol, Alu phulokopir Chechki, chanar dalna, mishti doi,, Malpoa for lunch and dinner on Saptami.

Pulav, radhaballavi, karaisuti diye mug dal, kasha murgi, bhapa bhetki, aloo phoolkopir kasha, mochar ghonto, Misti Doi, Rajbhog for Ashtami lunch and dinner. Mangsher rezala, dal puri, Kacha Aamer Chutney, mishti doi, for Navami major meals. And for break-fast or hi-tea, delecacies like mangsher cutlet, chanar cutlet ,mangsher or paneer kathi roll, narkel diye ghoogni, doi-bora,tekona porota, phoolkopir singara, sitabhog, shank sandesh, mihidana, ice cream sandesh, bonde, will be served. These are a few of the lip-smacking Bengali dishes that will be served to you on a tray decked up with the traditional banana leaf mats along with specially designed menu card highlighting the Puja theme.

And if you are a connoisseur of authentic Bengali cuisine, you don't have a choice but take to the skies with Air India – as it is only Air India that will extend the puja fervor and flavour to its passengers flying from Kolkata on its metro and international flights.

Air India is spreading out this elaborate Bengali food festival through its five-star flight kitchen stirred up under the expert guidance of Master Chefs.

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