Acropolis Mall presents aquatic theme park ‘Ocean World’ in Kolkata

Acropolis Mall presents aquatic theme park ‘Ocean World’ in Kolkata

The festive season that starts with Durga Puja in Kolkata culminates in Christmas and the New Year. The winter season, with its nip in the air, sun-kissed morning and pleasant weather, is the perfect time for a family outing, picnic, fun and frolic with the aroma of freshly baked cakes wafting in the air.

Acropolis Mall, India’s leading mall, has introduced ‘Ocean World’, a spectacular aquatic theme park for the first time in the city of joy in December that will continue to enthral people till January. On this occasion, the Acropolis Mall invited children living in the slum area of Dhapa to behold the wonder of ‘Ocean World’ and get to know the marine creatures living under the water. The event was in collaboration with ‘TdH Suisse’, a Swiss child rights organisation and DRCSC, a non-profit organisation working in the Dhapa area to educate the children. The visit was educational and entertaining, as the children were asked to participate in a painting competition. The theme was the ocean world and its marine life forms.

At a formal function, actor Sonalee Chaudhuri presented prizes to the children in the presence of K Vijayan, GM of Acropolis Mall.

‘Ocean World’ is a theme park that simulates different marine environments and ecosystems from around the globe. The theme park in Acropolis showcases a grand ship inspired by the swashbuckler film series ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’. Visitors can witness several aquatic creatures, including hammerhead sharks, killer whales, octopuses, sea lions, stingrays, dolphins, sharks and many more. The theme park is an ideal opportunity for children to learn about life under the deep sea.

Speaking on the occasion, K Vijayan said, “ ‘Ocean World’ is an exciting opportunity for children and all to ascertain the ecosystem of the ocean and to explore diverse marine life forms under the deep sea. This is the first time our city has witnessed such an aquatic theme park. We are expecting guests to visit this park to educate their children about the marine ecosystem and be entertained with a plethora of gaming options and drool-worthy food this Yuletide season. We will be holding creative workshops for children themed in ‘Ocean World’ every week, which will educate and engage them further and keep them away from the virtual world.”

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