Acropolis Mall celebrates International Women’s Day 2024

Acropolis Mall celebrates International Women’s Day 2024

The Acropolis Mall in Kolkata vibrantly commemorated International Women’s Day, embodying the spirit of inclusivity and empowerment. Through a myriad of engaging activities and heartfelt recognitions, the mall embraced the theme of ‘Women in Our Lives’ throughout the two-day celebration.

In a bid to uplift and inspire women across all domains, Acropolis Mall orchestrated a series of enriching experiences. From a captivating painting contest to extemporaneous performances celebrating diverse forms of art and culture, the stage was set for women to shine brightly under the theme of ‘Showcase Your Talent’. Furthermore, the mall invited the community to nominate remarkable women in their lives, culminating in the heartfelt felicitation of the top five nominees for their invaluable contributions.

Acclaimed painter Eleena Banik inaugurated an enchanting art exhibition, showcasing the profound perspectives of womanhood through the strokes of talented female painters.

The culminating ceremony on March 9 witnessed luminaries from the entertainment industry, with Richa Sharma and Sonalee Chaudhuri honouring the top achievers of the event. Their commendations echoed the sentiment of empowerment and celebration of female talent.

Commenting on the occasion, Subhadip Basu, GM of Acropolis Mall, said, “Women are the architects of our society and it’s our privilege to celebrate their myriad talents and contributions. Our Women’s Day festivities, including special discounts, free makeovers and heartfelt recognitions, are a testament to our unwavering support for gender equality and empowerment. Aligning with the global theme of Women’s Day, ‘Inspire Inclusion’, Acropolis Mall reiterated its commitment to fostering an environment of equal opportunities and recognition for women.”

“We at Acropolis Mall paid our reverence to common women who also harbour treasure troves of talents. As a beacon of innovation and inclusivity in Eastern India, Acropolis Mall remains dedicated to organising impactful events that resonate with the community and honour the essence of womanhood. These series of innovative initiatives and the presence of leading brands make Acropolis Mall one of the most happening hangout zones and malls in Eastern India,” he added.

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