Aadyam season five takes centre stage

This country's relationship with theatre has been much like a classic tale of love: A pot pourri of emotions, melodrama, humour and romance. It started way back as a purely narrative driven form and gradually moved on to our folk dances and music. Live entertainment gradually evolved from the real to the reel, the stage to the screen. But then there were those struggling to keep the spark alive with their grand visions of raw theatrical beauty.

One such promoter of the cause is Aadyam — a theatre initiative on a quest to initiate the uninitiated. A product of love and passion for the arts, this initiative is back for its fifth season with a commitment to grandeur and series of performances, unparalleled to anything seen before.

Since its inception in 2015, Aadyam has been breathing life into scripts, ideas and artistic visions. Plays with big production value and colourful backdrops have been synonymous with their productions. The last season saw both, the stage and the audience, come alive with these majestic sets, making theatre-going a sensory experience rather than just a show. This is also where the core idea of Aadyam is realised – giving producers a chance to experiment at this scale with minimal risk.

Speaking about what's in store for this season, Artistic Director and theatre veteran Shernaz Patel says, "Aadyam Season 5 is full of great stories and sweeping sagas that traverse the globe. From the streets of Kabul to the back alleys of Lucknow, from the ghats of Benaras to the court rooms of Washington DC, each of these stories will transport you into different and exciting worlds. And even though these worlds maybe unchartered, these plays will resonate with you. For the human beings who inhabit them are all dealing with universal human emotions…love and loss, joy and hope, honour and retribution. The play genres are also wonderfully varied with a mix of laughter and suspense, drama and music. Adding to this Aadyam's unrelenting pursuit of high standards in performance, storytelling, direction, design and production, these plays will definitely enrich your lives and entertain you."

Brian Tellis, Co-Founder and Group CEO of Fountainhead MKTG says, "Entering our landmark 5th year of Aadyam theatre productions, we take a moment to pause, reflect upon, and celebrate this country's rich theatrical heritage. Productions from the very first year of Aadyam – a theatre initiative that has always believed in large scale productions – are still running strong today. This is testament to the fact that us theatre-goers revel in the magic of this storytelling medium and crave for more year upon year. Feeding off this marvelous energy, we want to make this year even more special – with the launch of the Aadyam blog 'Stage-Write', we want to talk to our audience directly and together, grow this beautiful art form that we all love so much and engage with it in ever more enriching ways". Looking forward to another season of Aadyam, he adds, "The productions themselves are oozing with talent of course and they will always comprise the core of Aadyam. Here's to another year of magic."

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