A passion outside office is key to mental health

Some of us are lucky enough to have the kind of career which encapsulates our passions leading to a wholesome life purpose along with personal essence and technical skill set – all in one sweet package.

This allows us the bracket to exercise our passion simultaneously in one 40-ish hour gig. However, others are not fortunate to have a professional job where they can exercise their passions within their work.

Studies show that engaging in something you're passionate about which is meaningful at the same time, can have positive outcomes on your health and mental well-being. People accrue greater benefits when their personal passions and actual works are exercised.

One of the ways to keep up with your mental well being and happy life is to engage in active pursuits - like your passion.

We understand that after a long day at work, all you ever want is to plop down on the couch and zone out with Netflix on. You feel exhausted and fear that following your passion outside work might suck in those precious hours that you have to yourself but you must understand how detrimental it is to your mental health. Paint something. Practice Guitar. Collect model trains. Explore different types of exercise.

That sweet time you have between clocking out of work and hitting the sheets every night can be used to pursue something that gratifies you. Figure out what matters to you most and the payoff will be increased happiness, wellbeing and a more open mind along with a sense of self-worth. It'll liberally remind you that you're not just living to work and earn money, but rather working to sustain the life you always wanted to lead.

You will feel the happiest when you are fully engaged in life and experience passion which will fill your daily life. It goes with the concept of 'flow' to explain the harmonious engagement and flow of happy hormones through your body. This flow happens when you are completely absorbed in your strengths and you experience a sense of mastery when your passion becomes engrossing and enjoyable.

Cultivating a passion outside work that inspires you and allows you to be in flow (at least some of the time), is key to well-being.

Remember, too, that passions can wax and wane over time, and so it's okay to stop one activity and pick up another over the course of time. Discovering or re-discovering your passion and then taking some time to enjoy it is critical.

This will make sure that your mind is always challenged, your stress level is called down, and your inner-self feels complete. Which is to say, balancing your career and cultivating a passion outside your professional sphere will lead to your mental well-being and a fulfilled life.

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